IBM Trusteer Rapport

Luther Burbank’s online banking service includes several security features to give you peace of mind anytime and anywhere you manage your money. Add an extra layer of defense against the most common types of cyber fraud by downloading IBM® Trusteer Rapport, free of charge, and further safeguard your online banking experience.

Common Types of Cyber Fraud

Malicious software (malware) infections and phishing attacks are among the most common types of cyber fraud. Cybercriminals use banking malware, which includes viruses, spyware and trojans, to steal your login credentials and gain access to your online banking account. Phishing refers to fake email messages sent by cybercriminals that request your personal information or link to fraudulent banking websites.

Effective, Multilayered Protection Against Banking Malware & Phishing Attacks

Trusteer Rapport works alongside your current antivirus software to increase your protection against cyber fraud while you access your online banking account. The software detects and removes banking malware to secure your online banking session. It also prevents attempts to redirect you to fraudulent banking websites.

Easy to Use, Won’t Slow Your Computer Down

Trusteer Rapport downloads in minutes. Once installed, the software automatically runs in your computer’s background to verify that you are connected to the Bank’s actual website, creating a secure line of communication. 

Download Trusteer Rapport

Keep your personal information secure. Click to download Trusteer Rapport now, free of charge, to your PC or Mac.

Visit the Trusteer Technical Support section of the IBM website for assistance with installation.