Zelle® Security Alert

Across the country, cybercriminals are gaining access to bank accounts by spoofing text messages and phone calls regarding fake “suspicious debit card transactions or transfers” through Zelle®.

Zelle Alert Scam

Here's What to Look Out For

You may receive an unsolicited email or text message - appearing to come from Luther Burbank Savings - asking if you attempted a Zelle® transfer.

  • If you respond to the message, the scammer (posing as a 'Fraud Specialist'), will ask you to verify your Online Banking login information. As a reminder, Luther Burbank Savings will never contact you via text message, phone call, or any other form of communication to ask for your Online Banking credentials. This is a red flag!
  • If the scammer gains access to this information, they can access your Online Banking account and transfer your funds through Zelle®.

Fraudsters are also posing as Bank employees may tell you to send money to yourself with Zelle® claiming that the payment is to reverse a suspicious charge.

  • Luther Burbank Savings will never ask you to send money to yourself or anyone else. Even if it appears the call is coming from Luther Burbank Savings, hang up and call us at 888.578.4495.
  • Pay Yourself Scam video from Zelle

Online Safety Reminders

  • If you receive an unexpected text message, phone call, or email asking for your personal information, do not reply, engage or click any links. Contact us directly at 888.578.4495.
  • Do not give out your Online Banking username, password or any information related to your accounts or debit cards.
  • Never provide a PIN sent to you via text message to anyone, not even someone claiming to be a bank employee or anyone offering assistance with a transaction.
  • When using Zelle® to pay someone, double check your payment details to make sure that your money goes to the right person. Click here to read additional tips from Zelle® to stay safe from scams and fraud.

While we use a variety of methods to keep your personal information secure, the best protection against scams is customer awareness and vigilance. Please share this information with any friends or family members who you feel may be prone to falling victim to this latest type of scam.