Manage Your Money Online

Access Online Banking Only from a Secured Computer

Use only a computer secured with a host-based firewall and anti-virus software to access online banking. The operating system and all applications should have current patches and security updates installed. Avoid accessing online banking on public computers or while connected to public Wi-Fi.

Browse Safely

Use the most current version of a web browser with all recent patches installed. Adjust the web browser’s privacy and security settings to an appropriate level and avoid visiting sites that may not be properly secured.

Back Up Your Data

Back up your files often and consider storing them on a USB drive or uploading them to a secure cloud server for faster recovery in case of a malware attack or computer failure.

Create Strong, Complex Passwords and Change Them Frequently

Passwords should be complex – no less than eight characters in length and composed of numbers, letters (both upper and lower case) and special characters. Change your passwords often and never share them over the phone or via email. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.

Important: Luther Burbank will never ask you for your password.

Do Not Send Account Information via Email

Be suspicious of emails claiming to be from a financial institution which request account information. Never respond to an email with account details as it is not a secure method for transmitting sensitive information.

Beware of Suspicious Emails with Links or Attachments

Do not click on links or open attachments from emails unless you know what they are and who sent them. They can be infected with malware which cybercriminals use to steal login credentials from your computer and gain access to your account(s). Verify the source of the email with a phone call, or if you are certain it is malicious, delete the email immediately.

Download Trusteer Rapport


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