Common Types of Cyber Fraud

Know cyber fraud when you see it. Help protect yourself by learning to recognize these common types of cyber fraud.
  • Phishing

    Fake bank email messages requesting your personal information.

    What You Can Do: Never send account information over email. Do not click on links or reply to a suspicious email. Delete the email immediately.

  • Smishing (SMS Phishing)

    Fake bank text messages directing you to a phone number or website that requests your personal information.

    What You Can Do: Never respond to a text message with personal information. Do not click on links or call numbers from a suspicious text. Delete the text immediately.

  • Malware

    Malicious software (ex. viruses, spyware, trojans) designed to steal your personal information.

    What You Can Do: Never download a file or attachment unless you know what it is and who sent it. Update your anti-virus software to protect your computer from malware threats.

  • Password Compromise

    If a password is reused and a cybercriminal gains access to one account (ex. email, bank website login), it may lead to access to other accounts.