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Online Mobile Banking Security Tips

Online & Mobile Banking Security Tips

Luther Burbank Savings is committed to helping ensure the safety of your financial identity, your financial assets, and your personal information, but we need your help. We ask that you observe the following best practices to help make online and mobile banking as secure as possible.

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  • Safe Banking for Seniors

    Luther Burbank Savings participates in the American Bankers Association Foundation’s Safe Banking for Seniors campaign in a nationwide effort to help older customers and their financial caregivers understand the risks of fraud and financial abuse and how to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Security

    Learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe with the various tools and resources Luther Burbank Savings offers. Avoid common scams, cyber fraud or identity theft.
  • Travel Tips

    Let us know when you plan to travel internationally so we can make sure your debit card will be available for use. We will even contact you in the event that suspicious or out of the ordinary activity is recognized on your account.
  • Mortgage Assistance

    Luther Burbank Savings may be able to help customers who are having trouble making their mortgage payments. If you cannot afford your monthly loan payment and wish to avoid foreclosure, you may be eligible for mortgage assistance.
  • Forms

    Find forms for Deposit Account Services, Loan Account Services, Retirement Forms and Online Banking electronic forms.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Get answers to popular questions about online banking, applying for an account, mobile deposits or how to report a card lost or stolen at Luther Burbank Savings.