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Welcome to uChoose Rewards®

Put Value Back in Your Pocket

With the uChoose Rewards program, use your debit card to earn points and redeem them online for a wide variety of merchandise, travel experiences and activities, event tickets, gift cards, cash back and more.

Getting started is easy.

1. Register

Luther Burbank debit card holders can enroll for free at uChoose Rewards online. Register your card today and start earning points on everyday transactions.

2. Earn

Wherever your debit card is accepted, earn 1 point per $1 on signature transactions and 1 point per $2 on PIN transactions.

3. Redeem

Once you have accumulated 2,500 points, start redeeming for cash back or rewards1. Visit uChoose Rewards online for the latest offers and a full list of participating retailers.

Don't have a checking account with us yet? Visit a branch to open an account.

1 Debit card must be linked to a checking account. Points are earned on qualifying transactions (excludes cash advances, including ATM withdrawals). To redeem points, card must be registered and have 2,500 points accumulated. Cash back rewards require points to be redeemed in increments of 2,500 and will be received as statement credit. See program terms and conditions for complete details.