Honoring Black
History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, we invited our team at Luther Burbank Savings to share their reflections and unique experiences - and how we can make this month worthy of year-round recognition.

Mona Gail Baker 2 Y

A chance to understand what freedom really means in America. . .

Black History Month is a chance to celebrate the many contributions and achievements of Black Americans throughout the history of America and the world. It’s also a chance to understand what freedom really means in America. There was a time when not everyone could experience the level of freedom that we have today, and Black History month serves as a reminder of just how far we’ve come. It also gives America a chance to honor Black people from all periods of the United States, from slavery to today. I think with all the trials and tribulations that Blacks have had to face throughout history, taking time to shed light on them to get a deeper understanding of race relations is absolutely vital to the growth of humanity.

While a month is a short period to try and understand something so complex as Black History, I think it is very important to continue the dialogue about where we came from and how far we still have to go. I look at Black History Month as a reminder to America that Civil Rights belong to every human being, and it was fought for by key Black Heroes throughout our history. It’s also a reminder that in America, we are all equal, no matter our race, gender or social status.

To keep the human in humanity, we must never forget the many triumphs and sacrifices of those that came before us; Black History Month, to me, serves as that annual reminder. By collectively and consciously celebrating Black History, we come together to continue to rewrite the narrative of our diverse nation.

Mona-Gail Baker, Loan Underwriter, Community Engagement Leader
Nikki Yellow

Diversity and differences when joined together by a common set of ideas makes everyone stronger.

Meet Nikki Moore, Loan Service Specialist in our Gardena office. Nikki joined Luther Burbank Savings in May of 2022 and brings six years of banking experience with her.

What makes you a unique person in this world?
I think I would credit where I’m from for my uniqueness. Whenever someone speaks about their experience while in the South or their encounter with someone from the south, it’s always led with the southern hospitality is astonishing. We love to spark up a conversation, cook, and engage with others. I’m a heavily religious person. There is a church on every corner in my hometown. From that created within myself the want to create comfortable environments and fellowship with the next person.

What does diversity mean to you?
Diversity is necessary. It makes you who you are. It is a collective of different experiences that allows you to express yourself freely. Diversity makes us feel valued.

Why is celebrating diversity important to you?
It’s an array of representation of race, class, thought process, gender, etc. I believe diversity and differences when joined together by a common set of ideas makes everyone stronger. Everyone doesn’t get to experience different cultures. The differences among cultures can easily be looked upon as something wrong or uncomfortable but it simply means another experience. I would encourage everyone to be intentional about experiencing and celebrating diversity.


Nikki Moore, Loan Service Specialist