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Customers may visit or contact their local branch by phone with privacy or security concerns. Written correspondence can be sent to Luther Burbank Savings at:

Luther Burbank Savings
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Consumer Scams

Scammers want your money and will go to great lengths to present themselves as legitimate to get it. They may try to persuade you to send them money or disclose personal information to gain access to your accounts.

Coronavirus Scam Alert

Cybercriminals have been capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic to launch world-wide email scams designed to steal money, access personal information and infect computers. Topping the scams are bogus emails disguised as notifications from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mortgage Assistance

Are you having difficulty making mortgage payments to Luther Burbank Savings? For our owner occupied home loan and home equity customers Luther Burbank Savings may be able to help.

Customer Forms

Forms are available for Account Services, Deposit Customers, Loan Customers and Retirement Account holders.


Information for when you are at home or abroad.

Safe Banking for Seniors

Did you know that older Americans lose $2.9 billion each year to fraud?


You are safe and secure here. At Luther Burbank Savings, we protect your right to choose how we share and use certain personal information about you.


The safety and security of your personal information is important to Luther Burbank Savings.

Billing Schemes

A common form of misappropriation, a billing scheme occurs when an employee creates a situation that causes their employer to issue payment for an illegitimate or overstated charge.

Fraud & Identity Theft

Those who commit online fraud are well trained, well equipped and highly motivated to be successful. Learn what you can do to secure your personal and financial information.

Cyber Fraud

Luther Burbank’s online banking service includes several security features to give you peace of mind anytime and anywhere you manage your money. Add an extra layer of defense by learning about the most common types of cyber fraud and what you can do to protect yourself.

IBM Trusteer Rapport

Protect your online banking account from fraudulent activity with IBM® Trusteer Rapport.

Secure your information.

Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. Luther Burbank Savings has invested in the technologies, processes and people necessary to safeguard the privacy of customer information. Read on to learn what you can do to secure your personal and financial information.

Business Email Compromise

Protect your company from business email compromise (BEC).

Corporate Account Takeover

Learn what you can do to prevent cybercriminals from gaining control of your business banking account. During a corporate account takeover (CATO), cybercriminals use your stolen business banking account login information (ex. user name, password) to initiate fraudulent wire or ACH transactions.

Fake Check Scams

Fake Check ScamsWith fake check scams on the rise, Luther Burbank has security protocols in place to help protect your accounts. Stay one step ahead of scammers by learning how to recognize a fake and what you can do to protect yourself.

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